Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Studio 1/10/12

My studio as it exists today, the tenth of January 2012.

The careful observer will note from left to right.

An unfinished original Larry Elmore painting, a batmobile, a Cthulhu, several Tiki Statues, a coconut monkey, a shrunken head, Bagpipe music and practice chanter, a Jordu Schell alien bust, Jessica Rabbit, a Disney World Monorail, about a million rubber duckies, Godzilla, the Millennium Falcon, Hellboy, Boba Fet's head, a custom pinstriped tackle box full of pencils, more Con Badges than I can count, some original Ian Miller art, My trusty Luxo lamp as well as an old drafting desk lamp, many Tiki mugs, a lava lamp, a Chris Sanders vinyl, a tiny selection of my moleskine sketchbooks, a bookshelf which has literally overflowed onto the floor, a bullwhip, an Epson 1400 printer covered in crap, and an Epson 7600 wide format printer.
Not pictured.. One procrastinating artist.

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